Playing Catch Up

November 26, 2012

The past few weeks have been very eventful for the sports world.  I have had a ton of Raw Thoughts that never made it into the blog either due to my own laziness or the fact that they didn’t quite warrant an entire post.  I am going to try and catch up and go rapid fire until I run out of things to say.  Duke Basketball has obviously been very active but will get it’s own post later this week


-NC State was wildly, terribly overrated to start the season.  I know this isn’t exactly breaking news since State has already been blown out once and barely beat UNC Ashville over the weekend but I have been saying this for weeks if not months.  Trust me.  Anyone who predicted State to be in the top 5 or to win the ACC should have their press passes revoked.  Picking State to win the conference is like picking France to win a war.  They might have a bigger army but they are still fucking France.

-UNC also sucks which makes me very, very happy.


-The NHL is absolutely killing itself.  They evidently didn’t get my letter and are still continuing a lockout that is going to kill the league.  Figure it out hockey


-The ACC sucks balls at football.  The conference only has six bowl eligible teams and only two of them are decent.  To make things worse the two good teams, Florida State and Clemson, just got beat at home pretty easily by SEC schools.  Sadly, I don’t really see this changing in the near future.  Miami looks promising but will probably be in NCAA sanction hell for the next couple of years.


-Conference realignment has gotten out of hand.  The Big Ten has expanded again grabbing Maryland and Rutgers in a move that makes absolutely zero sense for any of the parties involved.  The Big Ten hopes to lock down the NYC and D.C. television markets with this move and is paying through the ass to make it happen. (Maryland has to pay the ACC 50 million bucks to leave)  The problem is that no one gives a shit about Maryland or Rutgers football.  There is no way that people in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic are going to pay for the Big 10 network so they can see Minnesota and Iowa beat Maryland 14-9.

The move makes even less sense for Maryland.  They have built up a solid basketball tradition pretty much solely because they play in the ACC and get to pretend to be rivals with UNC and Duke.  Their recruiting is going to dry up and they will lose basketball without reaping any benefits in football.  The ACC however is adding Pitt, Notre Dame and Syracuse, and is gonna be just fine.  Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out Terrapins.  (This actually might make sense for Rutgers.  I just don’t know or care at all.)


-The Chiefs are the saddest team in recent professional sports history.  They completely suck and cannot stop cropping up in really embarrassing articles and videos.  First, a man’s obituary cited the Chiefs poor play as the reason for his death.  Then to make things worse an old lady heckled Chiefs receiver Dexter McCluster as he delivered her Thanksgiving dinner.  The Chiefs can’t even win at community service.

Oh yeah.  And Pro Bowl safety is deathly afraid of the Chiefs mascot.  A fucking horse.


-The Thunder screwed themselves (and everyone who hates the Heat) over by trading James Harden.  They are still good but have almost no chance of beating the Heat now.  I realize keeping Harden would have been expensive anyone who buys a professional sports team with the goal of making money is an idiot.  Because the Thunder were too poor to pay Harden we are most likely going to have to watch the Lakers and the Heat in the finals.  This is my nightmare.


-The General Petraeus/CIA/army/cheating scandal doesn’t really interest me that much.  The only thing I care about is the side story involving Jill Kelly.  She has been repeatedly described as a “Tampa Socialite.”  How the hell does Tampa have a social scene that merits socialites?



I don’t care that we backed into it.  I don’t care that it’s going to be a sheisty bowl and I don’t really care if we win.  After 19 years of horrendous football Duke is back in the postseason.