The Worst team in Football

October 3, 2012

The Kansas City Chiefs are the absolute worst team in professional football.  And that includes Canada.  This may seem odd since the Chiefs have an explosive RB in Jamaal Charles and a bunch of other offensive weapons.  They also have a young but talented defense.  The Chiefs don’t have the personnel to be a Super Bowl contender but they could easily be average.  They are really only failing at two positions, head coach and QB.  This is unfortunate because these are the two most important components of a good team.  It is impossible to succeed with out at least competent performances from these two spots, (Cut to Drew Brees nodding sadly) and the Chiefs have not received anything close to competence out of QB Matt Cassel and head coach Romeo Crennel.  The Chiefs have the saddest, most worthless QB head coach duo in the league.

The Chiefs are used to crappy quarterback play, (they haven’t had a truly elite QB since Len Dawson in the 70’s) but this year might be a low point.  Cassel has been so terrible that the team is considering benching him only four games in to the season.  This would be fine except that the backup is Brady Quinn.  Brady fucking Quinn!  That guy might have the worst track record of any QB in the league over the past 5 years.  And yet somehow Cassel’s performance makes him look like a reasonable option.

The most frustrating thing about Cassel is that he has all the tools to succeed.  He isn’t cursed with a noodle arm like Chad Pennington or Jake Delhomme.  Nor is he a young guy with potential like Tannehill, Russel Wilson and any number of other struggling QB’s this year.  At this point in Cassel’s career (he is 30) what you see is what you get.  And what I see is a guy who sucks ass.  Last Sunday’s 3 interception 2 fumble disaster was the icing on a really shitty cake for Cassel.  His quarterback rating was 11.9 out of 158.3, and for the season is only 48.3  The only QB more depressing than Cassel so far this year has been Mark Sanchez and at least the Jets have The Left Arm of God to turn to once they bench him.  The Matt Cassel-Brady Quinn QB tandem leaves the Chiefs with no hope for either the present or the future.


And yet somehow the coaching situation for the Chiefs is even worse.  Romeo Crennel has been one of the worst head coaches in the NFL for over half of a decade now.  His stint with the Browns was an unmitigated disaster marked by dumb mistakes and you guessed it, sheisty quarterback play.  In fact the only other team dumb enough to try and start Brady Quinn at QB was the Browns under Crennel.  Crennel is known as a defensive coach and has actually been effective as a defensive coordinator for multiple NFL teams, and yet somehow he is presiding over a talented defense this year that is last in the NFL in points allowed at a whopping 34.  His expression during games waivers between anger, sadness, confusion and my personal favorite, “Where did I leave my keys.”


None of these emotions have successfully motivated any of his teams.  Crennel has also failed when he ventures into personnel decisions.  He was the driving force behind the Chiefs’ decision to spend a first round pick this year on defensive tackle Dontari Poe.  Poe is a physical specimen but was an average player in college at Memphis and left school after his junior year with only 5 career sacks. (as a reference point, Julius Peppers left UNC with 30.5) To the surprise of absolutely no one except for Crennel, Poe has struggled in the pros.  Apparently being able to dominate Conference USA is a pre-requisite to NFL success.  Who knew?

It didn’t have to be this way.  The Chiefs had a very disappointing season last year and fired head coach Todd Haley with 3 games left to play.  They rightly let Crennel finish the season as an interim head coach but then rather than having a broad search for a new coach they chose to give the permanent job to Crennel after the season.  For some reason promoting the interim coach common practice throughout the NFL but it makes absolutely no sense.  These coaches were coordinators or assistants on a team so bad that the head coach was fired.  I do not understand how that level of performance deserves a promotion. No struggling business would fire the CEO and then immediately give the CFO his job full time.  They would look outside for a promising candidate and try to change the losing culture.  The Chiefs had a chance to do this but instead went with the a proven loser with absolutely no track record of success as a head coach.


So to recap, the Chiefs have a QB whose ceiling is average and whose floor is worse than Brady Quinn and a head coach who sports a .375 career winning percentage in the NFL.  It is going to be a long season.





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