An Open Letter to Hockey

September 21, 2012

Dear Hockey,

I am not now, nor will I ever be, a huge fan of yours.  You are a niche sport with funky rules, odd traditions, and a miserable TV deal so its hard to watch a lot of games.  Most importantly, there are entirely too many Canadians involved.  That being said, I have been a casual Hurricanes fan ever since they moved to Raleigh and this as been an enjoyable experience.  Going to the games is fun and against all odds the team has actually succeeded.  The Stanley Cup run was one of the most exciting sporting events I can remember.  So while I am not a diehard by any means my life will be negatively effected if you become further marginalized and drift even further out of the mainstream sports consciousness. And this is exactly what will happen if you continue on with this ridiculous lockout.

I have no idea about the details of the the lockout, (because I don’t care enough to read about it) so I can’t really assign blame to either the players or the the owners.  But it really doesn’t matter.  I am going to be real honest with you Hockey.  People are sick and tired of your shit.  The missed season in 2005 was a big problem and people are not going to tolerate it again.  Both the players union and commissioner Gary Bettman need to face the facts.  The players need to not quibble over a small reduction in salary because frankly, they play fucking hockey.  They are only relevant in the city their team plays in, Canada and Minnesota.  That’s it.  Without a broader national appeal they should be thankful for what they get.  Same goes for Bettman.  He is completely incompetent but has a huge ego.  Its a bad combination.  He is using the lockout to try and prove his dick is as big as Roger Goodell or David Stern’s.  The problem is that it isn’t even close.  So help me out here Hockey.  Get over your collective delusion that America cares about you and get back to work.

This may sound harsh but you need to hear it.  I am very serious Hockey.  Another long work stoppage or god forbid a missed season will kill you.  Of course Canada, and whatever weird Northern states take you really seriously will still be there but another lost season and you will irrevocably lose all of the fringe markets, and more importantly the television revenue that comes with them.  The casual fan like me will be gone forever.  And the thing is it will hurt you more than it will hurt us.  There are plenty of other sports for the casual fan to enjoy, but there are not enough diehards to keep a 30 teem league afloat.  So for your sake Hockey, figure it out.



Robert A. Weaver


(It is possible that my concern over the hockey season is due to the fact that I bought season tickets to the ‘Canes literally one day before the lockout was announced. SMH)



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