Duke Football

August 29, 2012

I am a Duke Football fan.  I am not terribly happy about it, but that’s life.  In a perfect world I would be like the vast majority of Duke fans, bleeding blue during basketball season and then conveniently rooting for their hometown teams come September.  Unfortunately for me I am not from Georgia, Texas or LA so I don’t have the luxury of a second team.  I am a born and bred Duke fan so come football season I just have to put my head down and hope for the best.  Unfortunately the “best” has rarely even approached mediocrity.

Here is a quick rundown of Duke’s gridiron achievements starting with their last bowl win:

1961-Cotton Bowl Classic Champs
This was the last great Duke team.  They won a major bowl game and were also ACC champions.  I don’t know too many details since this game happened the year after my parents were born, but it seems impressive.

1962-Conference Champions
Evidently in 1962 winning the ACC didn’t necessarily guarantee a bowl bid.  this once again shows how far back into college football history you have to go to find Duke football triumphs.

1989-Share of ACC title and Lost in All-America Bowl
This was the last very good Duke team.  We were coached by a relatively young Steve Spurrier.  And still managed to lose to Texas Tech by a score of 49-21 in the bowl game

1995-Lost the Hall of Fame Bowl
The last postseason play of any sort for Duke.  I was six.  I am now 22.


As you can see the recent history of Duke football is not littered with success.  In fact the middle part of the 2000’s was as depressing a stretch of football as I can possibly imagine.  During a 3 season stretch from 2005-2007 Duke won exactly two games, and was rarely competitive against ACC opponents.  Excitement about Duke football was at an all-time low (That is saying something) and attendance was embarrassing.

In 2008, my freshman year at Duke, David Cutcliffe was hired as the new football coach.  This was widely hailed as a brilliant move by the athletic department, and it has payed off to some extent.  Duke has won at least 3 games every year and nearly qualified for a bowl game with 5 wins in 2009.  They have also been competitive in almost all of their games which is a huge step up from the recent past.  More importantly, Duke football is now surrounded by a sense of hope and expectations.  Not very much hope mind you, but some.  It’s nice going in to a new season and thinking, “Maybe this is the year.”


In fairness, this year probably isn’t the year.  Duke has an unreasonably hard schedule and the jackasses as SI.com pick Duke to finish 4-8.  Regardless, Raw Thoughts is going to be following the Blue Devils every step of the way this season.  I went to all the games as a student but this year is going to be different.  Now that I am too old for undergraduate past-times like “getting drunk” and “having fun” I should be able to focus my full energies on football.  So starting with this week’s game against FIU there will be some Raw Thoughts recapping every home game, and whichever of the road games I manage to mooch a ticket to.  Maybe all Duke football needs to get to the top of the mountain is an unreliable and occasionally (at best) funny blogger chronicling their season.  (Probably not though)



Alex King for Heisman

Today I am also unveiling the official Alex King Heisman Watch.  For those of you who don’t know, King played four years at Duke, starting on the practice squad, and is now the starting punter for Texas.  He is also a founding member of the Raw Thoughts Advisory Board.  I realize that punters rarely win Heismans but this has been a weird year and I feel like anything can happen.  If college football can get a playoff and women can join Augusta, then nothing is too far-fetched.  So check back here every week for stats and updates on everyone’s favorite punter.




Lance Armstrong has had a rough past couple of days.  The United States Anti-Doping Administration has been investigating him for years and on Thursday Lance announced that he was tired of fighting the case and would drop his appeal.  This has been seen by many people, including the USADA, as an admission of guilt.  He has been stripped of all 7 of his Tour De France titles and has been banned for life from the sport of cycling.  Then to top it all off his favorite uncle, Neil, died on Saturday. (Too soon?)  All in all, Lance has had better weeks.  Unlike most of us he has had much worse ones but I imagine the past few days have been pretty trying for him.  And this is a goddamn shame.  Lance Armstrong has been one of the most tested athletes in history and he has passed every one of them with flying colors.  He is currently the victim of egregious persecution by the USADA and has been railroaded by an unfair system into basically admitting guilt.  I am not claiming that Lance is and always has been 100% clean.  I have no idea if he is or not.  My problem with this whole situation is that this entire investigation, including sentencing, has taken place without a shred of physical evidence.  I thought this was America.

If you are looking for someone to blame for this fiasco (and I definitely am) then the most obvious target is the USADA.  I am not sure how Lance offended them in the past but they are extremely butt hurt about the whole situation.  Armstrong was investigated by the Department of Justice last year, and the case was dropped due to lack of evidence.  This should have been the end of the matter but the USADA persisted with their investigation.  Armstrong then filed an injunction in federal court in Austin to have the case investigation thrown out and while the judge sided with the USADA he did have this to say.  “USADA’s conduct raises serious questions about whether its real interest in charging Armstrong is to combat doping, or if it is acting according to less noble motives such as politics or publicity.”  I am not an expert on anti-doping laws, (these people are) but if a United States federal district court judge is openly questioning the motives of our investigative agencies then it might be time for a re-think.

Sadly, this whole situation is about to get even more absurd.  Now that Lance has been stripped of his record 7 Tour De France titles, three of them will go to German Cyclist Jan Ullrich.  Ullrich was a dominant rider in his own right but was often overshadowed by Lance.  In addition to 3 runner up finishes to Lance, Ullrich won the Tour De France in 1997 and was second in 1998.  According to the twisted logic of the USADA he epitomizes the victims in the Armstrong saga.  A talented but clean cyclist who couldn’t compete with a doped up Lance.  The head of the USADA mentions this briefly in an interview with the Washington Post, stating that, “This is a heartbreaking example of how the win-at-all-costs culture of sport, if left unchecked, will overtake fair, safe and honest competition.”  The problem with this narrative is that it is total horseshit.  Jan Ullrich, and many of Armstrong’s other contemporaries are already convicted dopers.  Ulrich himself was suspended from the Tour of Italy and kicked off his team for blood doping in 2006.  He also was suspended for 6 months in 2002 for testing positive for amphetamines.  Ullrich still denies that this was meant as performance enhancing drug, claiming instead that he took amphetamine laced ecstasy.  Awesome USADA.  Take down Lance in the interest of competitive balance, and then give his titles to a man who excuses his failed drug tests by saying, “Its cool bro.  I wasn’t cheating.  It was just the ecstasy.”  That makes almost as much sense as Pinterest

While the USADA is mostly to blame for this fine example of North Korean justice, the blame cannot fall entirely on their shoulders.  Lance has also been royally boned by his former teammates.  Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton have both come forward, both publicly and to the USADA, with testimony that Lance Armstrong regularly used banned substances such as EPO.  This seems like pretty damning evidence unless you know who these douchebags are.  Landis and Hamilton are two of the most notorious drug cheats in recent cycling history.  Hamilton has tested positive numerous times and just recently was forced to return his gold medal from the time trial in the 2004 Athens Olympics.  Landis is even worse.  He won the 2006 Tour De France but was almost immediately under suspicion for doping due to shockingly high testosterone levels.  He then mounted a half-assed and ridiculous legal defense than included soliciting donations to help him pay for it.  Landis confessed in 2010 and was formally stripped of the title.  He is still embroiled in a legal battle over whether or not he will reimburse the people who donated to his legal fund.  Long story short, these guys are not credible witnesses.  And even worse, they are fucking Narcs.  Both Landis and Hamilton rode Lance’s coattails to fame and fortune.  Their careers were launched by successful stints on the Armstrong led US Postal Service team.  Without Lance no one has heard of either of them.  And they saw fit to publicly rat him out in order to slightly reduce the heat on themselves.  Not chill.

If we are being honest here, Lance Armstrong probably cheated at some point in his career.  Doping was so rampant during Lance’s prime that it is almost inconceivable that he could have been so successful while also remaining totally clean.  But without any physical evidence it seems completely unreasonable to take away his titles and ban him from the sport.  I agree that the whole situation looks bad, but you can’t bring down the banhammer just because it looks bad.  OJ looked a whole lot worse and he still has a fucking Heisman.  If the investigation continues and the USADA turns up anything resembling physical evidence or credible testimony then I might change my tune, but until then I am going to dig up that Livestrong bracelet I rocked in 8th grade (junior year) and wear it out of solidarity.  #freeLance

Christmas in August

August 15, 2012

The middle of August is usually a pretty crappy time of year for a sports fan.  Baseball is the only sport really in season, the excitement of the NBA off-season and draft has died down, there is not a big time golf or tennis tournament, and to make matters worse this year we have to deal with a post-Olympics hangover.  Fortunately today I received the gift that keeps on giving.  The accidental publishing of Julius Peppers’ UNC transcript, and the ensuing shit-storm it has brought down on the UNC athletic program has me nothing short of giddy.  I haven’t done enough research to really get into the specifics of UNC’s alleged violations, (These people have) but I know the basics.  The Raleigh newspaper, The News and Observer, in conjunction with the NC State themed blog Pack Pride have discovered that up to 54 classes in UNC’s African and Afro-American Studies department are completely bogus.  Essentially these classes exist to boost the GPAs of UNC “student” athletes.  I had heard about this before but the release of Peppers’ transcript makes everything so much better.  It turns out Peppers cumulative GPA was a less than sparkling 1.824.  Even more incredibly he only managed this turd of a GPA with the help of some of the allegedly bullshit classes.  If true this means that the rampant and institutionalized cheating goes back over a decade and that it involved the basketball team as well as the football team. (Peppers played basketball and football for the Tar Heels from 1999-2001)  UNC could feasibly have to forfeit over a decades worth of wins in its two biggest sports.  Suck it Gil.

This story is interesting to me for two big reasons;

The Reaction of UNC Fans- Maybe I am naive, but I expected there to be some outrage from the Carolina crowd over this.  These allegations come on the heels (see what I did there) of another scandal in the UNC football program involving academic violations that led to the firing of head football coach Butch Davis and NCAA sanctions.  I would hope that a decades worth of people playing fast and loose with the sterling academic reputation of UNC would piss a few people off.  Nope.  In fact it has been the opposite.  Most people I have talked to aren’t angry and don’t even bother to deny the allegations.  They simply shrug their shoulders and say that every good football program does this.  (There is even a ridiculous story where the UNC booster club tried to withdraw funding for stadium improvements in protest over Davis’ firing.)

I have a whole bunch of problems with that logic.  First and foremost I think UNC should be real careful comparing themselves to other allegedly dirty programs such as Auburn and Alabama.  Both of those two teams have completely dominated the football landscape the last five years or so and have a national title to show for it.  UNC on the other hand has been average at best and is has even lost to the pillar of mediocrity that is NC State five years running on the gridiron.  Alabama and Auburn and other teams probably do bend or break the rules but at least they win.  if you are going to cheat, do it right.

More importantly however, why would UNC students or alums want to compare their school with the likes of the big SEC schools.  No offense to Auburn or Alabama, but UNC is considered pretty much superior to those schools in every regard except for football.  The University of North Carolina should set its sights upwards (at say Duke) rather than downwards.  And if a UNC grad really wanted his or her school to be like Auburn why not just go there?  They damn sure could have gotten in.
The Implications for the Basketball Program- I Don’t really give a shit about UNC football.  For all I care they can keep the 5-6 wins they routinely earned the past ten years.  What really has me excited is the prospect that Carolina basketball could have the hammer dropped on it as well.  As I am sure you know (and as UNC administrators damn well know) there are a few banners hanging in the Dean Dome that could be in jeopardy if it turns out that some of their players were ineligible.  This may seem like a stretch but it makes sense given the complete lack of response or comment from the UNC leadership.  Normally in situations like this the school tries to get out ahead of the NCAA and launches its own investigation hoping that it can mitigate further punishment by coming clean.  UNC itself did this with the scandal a few years ago, suspending many of the players involved well before NCAA sanctions came down.  In this case however the University of North Carolina appears to be employing the Shaggy Defense, essentially claiming “It wasn’t me.” The most reasonable explanation for this odd reaction by the powers that be at UNC is that they are afraid that an investigation will hurt the basketball program.

And I for one could not be happier at the prospect of Carolina basketball having to forfeit some or all of its wins from the past few years.  Not only would this give Duke a few more ACC titles, both regular season and tournament, but I really like the idea of Ol’ Roy losing those two titles.  That would give him a grand total of 0 and would finally end the absurd arguments that Roy is even in the same league as Coach K.  So thank you Santa.  If even half of these allegations are true then you can forget about those new golf clubs.  Seeing college basketball’s most overrated coach get knocked down a peg would be more than enough.

The Olympic Hunger Games

August 14, 2012

A few days ago Will Ferrell tweeted that all of the gold medal winners should be thrown into a hunger games style competition to crown an overall champion of the Olympics.  I thought this was a hilarious idea and spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about who would win.  This idea probably would have stayed in my head (where it belonged) except that the internet is currently littered with arguments about who had the best Olympics.  These arguments usually center around Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps but they have occasionally been extended to include track cyclists, gymnasts and athletes from other widely different sports.  These apples to oranges comparisons tend to go in circles and have no possible resolution.  Raw Thoughts hates unresolved arguments so I am going to settle them here with using Ferrell’s idea of a hypothetical Olympic Champion Hunger Games.

Before I get to the few athletes I consider to be contenders I think it is important to share my thought process for a minute.  I am for the most part excluding athletes from team sports because of their reliance on other people.  The winner of these games needs to be used to going it alone.  Swimmers have been likewise been eliminated due to the fact that almost all competitive swimmers I know are awkward and uncoordinated at land based sports.  All that time in the water is useless in the Hunger Games.  And don’t think for a minute that I am going to take the easy way out and pick an archer.  Given the fact that the archery announcers were bitching about a slight wind I think its fair to conclude that Olympic archery is not good preparation for combat.

(I also have not included any Chinese athletes in this competition.  This isn’t due to any bias against the Chinese but is done simply for the the sake of fairness.  I think there is an outside chance the hunger games actually exist in China and if that’s true then the Chinese would have an advantage over all other competitors due to familiarity with the process.  Fair is fair.)

The Contenders

Lebron James- Lebron James is a dominant athlete and the betting favorite for this event.  I am not fooled however.  Once three quarters of the athletes have been eliminated I firmly believe he will begin to choke.  He will be the first of the contenders to go down.  Probably attempting to pass something to Mario Chalmers.

Ashton Eaton– Ashton Eaton is the gold medal winner and world record holder in the Decathlon.  The winner of the decathlon is traditionally crowned the best athlete in the world, and given the nature of the event would be reasonably well-prepared for a hunger games type scenario.  The dude can sprint, jump, and has some endurance.  Plus he has a little training with the javelin.  Unfortunately his complete lack of name recognition would hurt his chances of getting enough sponsors to win.

Mo Farah– Farah won both the 5k and 10k at the Olympics this year.  His strategy would be to run away and just keep gong Forrest Gump style until everyone else had killed each other off.  Lack of food and or water could be a problem for Farah however.  And if anyone did catch him they would beat his skinny ass.

Oleksandr Usyk– Usyk is the Olympic heavyweight boxing champion.  That triumph shows prowess at hand to hand combat and a general willingness to beat the shit out of people.  He is also Ukranian and Ukranians are well known for being tough as nails and very cranky.  I don’t see the brutality of the Hunger Games being a problem for this bro.  He is getting even fewer sponsors than Eaton however.  Also, other competitors would probably team up on him early on to eliminate such a scary man.

Svetlana Podobedova– Svetlana is the women’s 75 kg weightlifiting champion.  Because I hate the metric system like any reasonable American I have no idea how big 75 kilograms actually is but she looks scary as shit.

Robert Harting- Harting was the gold medalist in the discuss.  He is an enormous dude, and more importantly his nickname is “The German Hulk.”  His celebration after winning the gold medal is hilarious and also cements Harting’s status as someone not to be fucked with.

The Podium

Bronze Medal-Kobe Bryant.  I know I said that team sports were frowned upon but Kobe is a rare exception.  He is an elite athlete with tons of experience on his side.  Additionally, announcers always laud Kobe for his “killer instinct” and call him an “assassin.”  Its possible they mean these terms metaphorically, but I doubt it.  Plus you never want to bet against one of the most competitive people of all time in a life or death battle.  Only age and injury concerns keep Kobe from placing better in this competition.  He has a history of well-publicized knee injuries so competitors will now to go for his weak spot.

Silver Medal-Alex Morgan.  Alex Morgan also plays a team sport but she has a unique advantage over the rest of the contenders.  In an addition to being an Olympic caliber athlete she is super hot.  I mean just smoking.  Morgon is going to have sponsors on sponsors.  Anything she needs in the arena is going to literally just drop from the sky.  Plus, all of the dudes are going to want to team up with her early in the competition in hopes of getting some Hunger Games action.  Unfortunately once it gets down to two people left our eventual champion will have just a huge physical advantage over Morgan.  No shame in silver though.

Gold Medal-Usain Bolt.  The overall Olympic champion has to be Usain Bolt.  He is the most absurd physical specimen currently walking the earth.  Bolt completely and utterly dominated the Olympics this year winning his two individual events without really trying.  Bolt is so much faster than any human that scientists studied whether or not he could beat a cheetah.  (Really scientists?  Is there absolutely nothing better you can do with your time?  Maybe wait till you figure out the whole cancer thing before timing cheetahs in the 100.)  He couldn’t, but the fact that this was even a discussion shows how superior he is to the rest of the human race.  There are no discussions of Phelps racing a dolphin or having a gorilla enter a weightlifting competition.

We salute you Usain as winner of the first ever Olympic Hunger Games.  May the odds be ever in your favor.

The most incredible thing I have ever seen happened today in the morning session of Track and Field at the Olympics.  It was during qualifying for the Men’s 4X400 relay.  (For track noobs this race consists of 4 people on each team running a full lap around the track for a final distance of 1600 meters or roughly 1 mile.)  Since today was just the preliminary heats the United States was resting most of its top runners.  This is risky since if the back up guys drop the baton or screw up at any point then the entire team is disqualified and the fast guys never get a chance to run in the final.  The United States avoided this fate due to the extraordinary effort of the lead off runner Manteo Mitchell.

Former Western Carolina runner and current American Hero, Manteo Mitchell felt an odd feeling in his leg 100 meters into the race and then felt and heard it break at 200 meters.  He somehow continued and finished the second half of the race and handed off the baton in a respectable 46.1 seconds.  (Check out the full story here for some awesome quotes from Mitchell.)  This is the most absurd thing I have ever seen or heard of.  46.1 is an incredibly fast time and would be considered elite in any country but the US and maybe Jamaica.  And the dude ran it with a broken leg.  I had a stress fracture once that made walking difficult and even jogging excruciatingly painful.  Somehow Mitchell ran a full 200 sprint at world-class speed with a completely snapped fibula.  What a boss.

If Mitchell had dropped out of the race then the United States would have been disqualified from probably our best event historically at the Olympics. (We have not lost the Men’s 4X400 relay since 1952.)  Fortunately for us Mitchell had the team strapped securely to his back.  Greg Jennings style.


In a textbook case of life mimicking art Mitchell ran to the finish line, broken leg, and all and became an Olympic legend.  In the process he left us all wondering, “How is that dude running with a broken leg?”


PS.  It turns out that Jamaica was disqualified because on of their runners pulled out of the race with a “hamstring problem.”  I am sure that Mitchell is too much of a gentleman to call that guy out for being the bitch that he is.  Fortunately I am here to do it for him.

Jamaica Hold My Diiiiiick.”- Manteo Mitchell





Every four years the Olympics give athletes a chance to prove their sporting prowess against competitors from all over the world.  More importantly however they give athletes a chance to show off how sweet they are.  Olympic coverage is saturated with interviews, background story pieces, and many other opportunities for the competitors to show off not only their sporting prowess, but also their qualifications for being the man.  Take the Beijing Olympics for example.  Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt both dominated athletically but Usain Bolt also aced the “cool” test.  Phelps kind of came off as a nerd in his interviews and public appearances.  (A fact that was confirmed by his abysmal SNL hosting experience later that year.)  Bolt however was a total boss winning the 100 meter dash even while intentionally slowing down at the end and then rocking some really awesome celebrations on the track.

Look at that dude.  He is completely killing it.  By my rough calculations bolt was between 30 to 100 times cooler than Phelps at the last Olympics.


This year my nomination for coolest man in London goes to Bradley Wiggins, and I don’t even think it is close.  Wiggins won the Tour De France this year, (for my money the most difficult mainstream sporting event in the world)  and the Tour didn’t even finish until July 22nd.  Ten days later Wiggins was crushing the field in the Men’s Time Trial to win the first gold medal for the home nation.  Wiggins was so dominant that his victory was assured well before the reigning Olympic champion Fabian Cancellara even finished.  Wiggins could have been a dick and started celebrating but took the high road and waited until all competitors had finished before taking his victory lap.  And what a victory lap it was.  Wiggins rode for nearly a mile around historic Hampton Court Palace (I have no idea what Hampton Court Palace is but it sounds historic) to thunderous applause from the British fans.  To make it even sweeter Wiggins became the most decorated British Olympian fo all time with this victory.  Not a bad day.

But it takes more than just athletic achievements and a nice celebration to become the coolest man at the Olympics.  It takes a signature, non-sports moment to guarantee this title.  And Wiggins delivered in spades.  Check out the coolest picture ever taken.

I could spend hours analyzing exactly why this picture of Wiggins after the gold medal ceremony is so awesome.  For one he is sitting in a fucking throne.  I am not entirely sure if this is usual cycling behavior, used for every Olympic event, or a stunt pulled by Wiggins.  I’m going to be optimistic and assume its the latter. Regardless Wiggins also wins huge points for his civil war era sideburns and for throwing up deuces.  Also, Wiggins looks exactly like Austin Powers would if he were an internationally renowned cyclist.


Take a bow Bradley Wiggins.  Even though the Olympics are only half over your gold medal winning performance and Internation Man of Mystery Swag have earned you the title of the Coolest Man at the Olympics.


Unless somebody hooks up with this chick.



I wasn’t planning on writing anything about the Olympics this year because I really don’t have anything new to say.  According to my analytical survey of the internet there are roughly infinity words written about the Olympics every day.  But my fans have been very insistent about getting some Olympics Raw Thoughts.  I have been bombarded with tweets (1) and texts (2) about when the next post is coming out so I decided to step up to the plate and give the people (person) what they want.

The main story of the Olympic Games so far has been the atrocious television coverage by NBC.  I’m sure all of you have noticed that NBC’s barbaric tape-delay rules and streaming website technology that would have been state of the art in Kazakhstan in 2002 have made it impossible to watch the high-profile events live.  Unfortunately the incompetence on the part of NBC has spread well beyond production decisions and into the actual commentary.  I am about 95% sure that none of the NBC announcers have any idea what they are talking about when they discuss things like archery or handball or any of the other weird Olympic sports.  Unfortunately since I have no idea whats going on in these sports either I can’t call NBC out for lack of expertise.  That would be the pot calling the kettle athletic.  NBC announcers will not be getting a free pass from me however.  I have spent the Olympics so far keeping a tally of the subtle and casual use of racial and national stereotypes by announcers.  That’s right.  Its time for the Racist Announcer Watch: Olympics Edition.

(If you are new to the blog check out previous editions of the Racist Announcer Watch for the rules of the game.)

This year the undisputed champion of the Racist Announcer Watch: Olympics Edition is J.P. Dellacamera.  Dellacamera is a former US Soccer player and has been calling Olympic soccer for MSNBC.  During a game between Great Britain and Senegal last Thursday Dellacamera launched himself into the Racist Announcer Watch hall of fame by repeatedly calling out the Senegalese team for being aggressive, overly physical and “uber-athletic.”  His crowning moment came about ten minutes into the second half however when he dropped this bomb.  “I played a lot of international games against African teams.  You have to be careful about there.  They get stuck into challenges a little bit harder and for a little bit longer than most teams.  It’s just in their nature.”  That’s like the Austin Rivers shot of announcer racism.

Dellacamera has been far from the only offender however.  In fact pretty much everyone who has called a sport involving the Chinese has been guilty to some extent.  Announcers are openly and loudly cheering against Chinese athletes.  This situation came to a head when 16 year old Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen won the 400 IM in stunning fashion.  She was immediately suspected of doping by announcers and competitors alike with the main evidence being that she is from China and Chinese swimmers are known for doping.  (In fairness that chick is definitely on steroids.  But not because she is from China.  She is clearly cheating because she swam the final leg of her race at the same speed Ryan Lochte did in his 400 IM.  A 16 year old girl swimming the same speed as a 28 year old man is suspicious regardless of nationality.)

In addition to these two egregious examples the Olympics have been littered with the usual descriptions of black athletes as “Athletic” or “Explosive” and white athletes as “Hard Workers” or “Gritty.”  I think its pretty clear that everyone at the Olympics is very athletic and very hard working.

I realize that almost everyone watching the Olympics roots against China, and many people (myself included) find themselves stereotyping athletes.  This is unavoidable.  I do think its fair however to expect the people who get paid to announce sporting events be held to a higher standard.