It’s Been a Busy Month

March 23, 2012

Raw Thoughts has taken a month long sabbatical due in equal parts to midterms, spring break, general laziness and depression with the way the sports world has crumbled around me.  I did not intend to go this long without writing something but for the past month every development in the world of sports has been negative for me and I haven’t been able to muster up the strength to write about it.  That ends today.  It is time to face the implosion of Duke’s basketball season, the tragic season ending injury for Ricky Rubio, Peyton Manning’s terrible decision, and the fact that the clock has officially struck midnight for Timothy Richard Tebow.  Lets look at these disasters one by one.


Duke Basketball

My last post was the week before the Duke-UNC game in Cameron with Duke tied for the lead in the ACC and in great position to snag a number one seed in the NCAA tournament.  Fast forward one month and Duke’s season has ended in embarrassing fashion losing three out of the last four games including getting stomped by UNC at home and losing to Lehigh.  Seriously, Lehigh.  All of this begs the question, what the hell happened?

Many people think that Ryan Kelly’s injury can be blamed for Duke’s poor play to end the season but I think this is horseshit.  If a soft, jump shooting big white guy who only averages 11 points is the answer then you are asking the wrong question.  I realize that losing Kelly hurt the team but the truth of the matter is that this year’s Duke basketball team was deeply flawed.  The main flaw being a lack of talent.  Rivers is a great player but he is not the once in a lifetime kind of talent that can carry a weak team to a title.  Duke started the season on a heater and beat some great teams (Michigan State, Kansas) but this can be traced to the extra practice time Duke was granted due to its pre-season trip to China and Dubai.  By January the rest of the country had caught up to Duke from a preparation standpoint and from then on talent won out.  Only the brilliance of Coach K kept Duke competitive throughout the rest of the ACC season.

Sadly the outlook for next year is not that much better.  The buzz on campus is that Rivers is going to leave but even if he stays the front-court is once again going to be anchored by Plumlees which means the ceiling for the team is gonna be pretty limited.  I would love for Rivers to stay and Mason to develop into the dominant force he looks like he should be but I just don’t see it.  It is going to suck seeing Austin toiling in some NBA wasteland like Charlotte or Milwaukee next year but that’s life. Sometimes you just have to let go.  At least we will always have the Dean Dome.

Ricky Rubio

I might actually be more sad when I heard about Rubio’s torn ACL then I was when Duke lost.  I looked into donating my own healthy ACL’s to Rubio so he could continue the season but “science” doesn’t think this would work so I have had to face the reality that Ricky really is done for the season.  This is bad news for any NBA fan as Rubio has made the Timberwolves one of the most exciting teams in the league.  It is even worse news for me.  In December I wrote a post about Ricky Rubio where I predicted Rubio to win rookie of the year and the T-Wolves to go to the playoffs.  Both of those predictions went down along with Rubio on that fateful night two weeks ago.  Get well soon Ricky.

Peyton Manning

I have had a pretty rough sports month but the whole time in the back of my head I was holding out hope that Peyton manning might go to the Chiefs and single-handedly return them to relevance.  Of course it became clear pretty early on that the Chiefs were never going to get Peyton but I held out some hope.  Manning was training with the Duke coaches and team so I had my buddies on the football team dropping subtle hints about Kansas City Barbeque, and more importantly how much the weather in Denver blows.  This was not effective and Manning signed with the Broncos a few days ago.  Now not only are the Chiefs stuck with the injury prone Matt Cassel as the starter but the division rival Broncos just landed a hall of fame quarterback in Manning.  As the Raw Thoughts Advisory Board (My friends Miller and Morris) has kindly notified me the Chiefs probably won’t sniff the playoffs for the next five years. I never root for players to get injured, but if the Broncos are running a bounty scheme like the Saints were then put me down for 50 on Manning.

The End of Tebow Time

I have no idea what Tebow’s role will be with the Jets.  I could see him beating out Sanchez for the starting job and leading the Jets to the playoffs.  I could also see him becoming the third quarterback on the depth chart and not even dressing for most games.  The problem is that I could not care less what happens to Tebow now that he plays for the Jets.  The magic that is Tebow will be poisoned by the New York City hype machine, and even worse by the fat foot fetishist that masquerades as the Jets head coach.  My favorite activity last football season was to turn on Broncos games in the fourth quarter and watch Tebow perform miracles.  Now I am going to have to root against him every game and its never a good idea to root against God’s chosen quarterback.  If I am struck by lightning at some point next fall then you all will know why.


Posts are going to be more frequent in the next few weeks.  Check back sometime over the weekend as I survey the carnage that is the official Raw Thoughts bracket and potentially celebrate UNC’s embarrassing loss to Ohio.

Go Bobcats Go America