Ricky Rubio is the Truth

December 31, 2011

The past week has been really awesome because there is a free trial of NBA League Pass on DirecTV.  This means that I have been able to watch any NBA game I want.  Because each team has already played at least three times, and because I have a lot of free time, I have been able to watch almost every team play so far.  The only teams I haven’t watched for at least a few minutes are the Hornets, Nets, and Bobcats.  By far the most fun team to watch so far has been the Minnesota Timberwolves.  They are young, fast, and most importantly have Ricky Rubio.

Rubio has almost single-handedly made the Timberwolves exciting to watch and competitive in their games.  The T-Wolves haven’t won a game yet but they lead the league in moral victories with close losses to the Heat and Thunder, the favorites in the Eastern and Western conferences respectively.  In many ways Rubio is the white Spanish Cam Newton.  All that’s left for Rubio to do to complete this comparison is to actually start winning some games and dominate the Rookie of the Year Award.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he is going to do these things.  Rubio’s first two games showed flashes of his potential but last night against the heat he completely took over on offense for long stretches at a time.  People have been gushing over his passing ability for like four years but no one could do it justice.  Rubio has a surreal ability to see, and then execute long fast-break and skip passes that I don’t think anyone else in the league could complete.  It also doesn’t hurt that he looks like he should be starring in High School Musical 6

When you think of a good passer people like Rondo, CP3, and Steve Nash come to mind.  All of these guys are exceptional passers but they do it in a different way than Rubio.  Those guys succeed because they can draw extra defenders to them and then find the open man.  Rubio does something a little different.  He is not yet a confident scorer in the NBA and as a result cannot draw double teams like the rest of the successful point guards in the league.  Rubio makes up for this with exceptional passing range.  Even if defensive players are not forced to double team him they still rotate towards the ball.  Rubio is so accurate that he can exploit this small space to get an assist.

This is a clip of all six of his assists from the Thunder game on the 26th.


I have been watching the NBA for a long time but cannot think of anybody who Rubio reminds me of.  I had to go to my Dated References Consultant (my Dad) to come up with a player who had the kind of passing range that Rubio has displayed so far.  The only comparison he could think of was Magic Johnson.  This is not to say that Rubio is even remotely close to the player that Magic was but that they have similar court vision and passing accuracy.

When Rubio gets a little more confident scoring the ball then he is going to be a dominant point guard.  My bold prediction of the day is this: Rubio will be among the top five point guards in the league in five years.  People will talk about Rubio in the same breath as Wall and Rondo and only slightly below D-Rose.


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