Racist Announcer Watch Week Two

December 29, 2011

This segment chronicles the excessive and hilarious stereotyping that sports announcers lapse into when commentating.  If you missed last week’s edition then this will make no sense so check it out here for a full explanation of the terms and what they mean.


Typically college basketball provides the best fodder for the Racist Announcer Watch because there are more games then there are competent announcers.  College basketball goes on hiatus however over christmas break, plus I have almost completely converted to the NBA except for Duke and UNC games.  Fortunately for me, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck still get paid to announce football games.  The Cowboys-Eagles game from last Saturday was littered with the casual stereotyping and racial profiling that is so much fun to analyze.

The most blatant example of this came in the second quarter when Aikman was singing the praises of Cowboys middle linebacker Sean Lee.  Aikman called Lee a “Gym rat” and proceeded to laud him for the time spent working out.  Lee is of course a white player.

This is absurd on a number of levels.  Firstly, Lee is a professional football player who damn well better be spending a lot of time in the gym.  Secondly it is pretty unlikely that Lee works out more than the rest of his teammates.  Here is a picture of Lee.

This is a picture of his teammate outside linebacker Demarcus Ware.

It’s pretty clear who spends more of his working out and yet Aikman never mentioned Ware’s work ethic or time spent in the gym.  Instead after a particularly awesome sack Joe Buck called Ware a “physical specimen” and Aikman concurred stating that Ware is an “exceptional athlete.”  Good work Fox broadcast team.  You are this week’s racist announcers.



Check back next week as I go to the tape to see if spectacular athlete Tim Tebow is given credit for his athleticism by the announcers.  (Yes I have tivoed the past 5 Broncos games.  If the rapture happens at Mile High Stadium I don’t want to miss it.)  My money is on “toughness” and “grit” being the buzzwords to describe Tebow.

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