I Love the NBA

December 26, 2011

The NBA was by far the best present I got for Christmas.  One reason is that the only things I asked for were a fleece pullover and some loafers.  Another reason is that I didn’t even get any loafers.  But the real reason is that I absolutely love watching NBA basketball.  Every single game is worth watching for some reason.  The games between two elite teams feature basketball played at the highest possible level are a thing of beauty.  Games between lesser teams or mismatched teams are almost as good.  No matter how bad a team is there will be a few plays each game that are so athletically outrageous that it is worth your time to tune in.  I watched all five games yesterday starting at noon and going till about 1:30 in the morning.  In addition to really pissing off my family, I made a couple observations about each game that I feel you all need to know.

Game 1 Celtics-Knicks

Amare Stoudemire is a freak.  He single-handedly makes the people who say NBA players don’t play defense look stupid.  NBA players try hard on defense but its impossible to guard the best guys in the league.  Amare is big enough to play center.  He also has speed that can best be described by Marshawn Lynch.  Stupid Fast.  He can jump out of the gym and has a wide array of offensive moves.  And now he wets threes.  Stoudemire is so unguardable now that the Celtics tried a very bold strategy to stop him.  They chose to let Carmelo Anthony score so Amare wouldn’t get the ball.  Wait, they were actually trying to guard ‘Melo?  Nevermind.

Game 2 Heat-Mavs

I hate the heat so I will let the immortal Denis Green explain how I feel about this one

Game 3 Lakers-Bulls

This game was during Christmas dinner so I didn’t get to watch much of it.  I did learn a few things however.  Kobe is still really good.  Derrick Rose might be even better.  My fantasy team, Metta World Domination, is going to be in trouble if Joachim Noah goes 3-12 for the field and fails to block a single shot.  My grandmother’s creamed corn is amazing.

Game 4 Magic-Thunder

Kevin Durant falls into the same category as Amare.  Completely unguardable and awesome to watch.  Russell Westbrook needs to Paul Rudd to give him a few lessons.  He is doing way too much.  Dwight Howard is really good but is clearly counting the days until he can leave Orlando and get some real teammates.

Game 5 Clippers-Warriors

Lob City needs a little work but the Clippers are now relevant and probably will be better than the Lakers.  In the moral victories department, its clear that the Warriors also don’t suck nearly as much as they used to.


I have saved the best part of the NBA for last.  Before big games someone working for the league creates montages like this one.

If you don’t read a word of the post at least watch this video.  Its incredible.  Ive watched it 5 times and have gotten goosebumps every time.  And yes I have unlocked all of those classic players in NBA 2k12.  Thanks for asking





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