Racist Announcer Watch

December 21, 2011

My absolute favorite thing about watching sports is the way announcers subconsciously stereotype players based on race.  It is absolutely hilarious and once someone points it out to you it is impossible not to notice.  Just to be clear, this segment is not about actual racial prejudice and injustice.  That is not chill.  The unintentional and pervasive stereotyping by the announcers however is hysterical and criminally under-analyzed by the internet.  That is where I come in.

Many of you may have no idea what I am talking about so here are a couple of examples.  Announcers commonly refer to white basketball players as hard-workers, gym rats, or hustle guys.  Black basketball players are athletic, springy, or explosive.  A white player is determined to have great court awareness or court vision, whereas black players are lauded for their length and bounciness.

The ultimate case study for announcer racism is when a mid-major team plays against a big time program.  Fortunately the Davidson-Kansas game from Monday night did not disappoint.  Davidson was described as a “scrappy” team six times.  Each of these six times all five Davidson players on the court were white.   Kansas despite having more steals and leading handily in the “hustle” stats was never once described as scrappy but rather were called “athletically superior” and “faster.”

The Racist Announcer Watch will crown a champion at the end of the season based on both quantity and quality of stereotypes used.  My money is on Mike Patrick.  Unfortunately this segment takes a lot of time so I won’t be able to post updates until late January when the dedicated Raw-Thoughts research team begins work.  Don’t worry though.  I will be tweeting Racist Announcer Watch details during the college and pro basketball games that I watch starting tonight with the UNC-Texas game at 7.  Follow me @crow___bar.  It should be a doozy tonight as I expect to learn that Tyler Zeller has great fundamentals and works hard whereas John Henson is really damn athletic.  It also could be a historic evening as Kendall Marchall’s assist totals may force the announcers to finally declare that a black player has good court vision.  He could be the Jackie Robinson of court vision.



4 Responses to “Racist Announcer Watch”

  1. Taco said

    Let me guess, you watch the league.

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