Welcome to RAW Thoughts

December 20, 2011

I have been threatening to blog about sports and whatever else comes to mind for a while now and I recently received the domain name raw-thoughts.com as a gift.  In addition to being a cool gift this has kind of forced my hand.  Which I know damn well was the plan.  The eventual home of this blog will be at raw-thoughts.com but until I either learn about web design or find a friend to do it for me I am going to rock wordpress.

I assume if you are reading this you already know me but in the unlikely event that you do not here’s a little bit about me to help you decide if the blog is for you.

-I am a sports nerd and will probably at different times talk about all the major sports.  And hockey.  But only if the ‘canes are good.

-I go to school at Duke and am from Raleigh so ACC sports are a big deal for me.  And by ACC sports I mean football and men’s basketball because no one cares about anything else.

-I am a die-hard Chiefs fan and am pretty psyched that the real life Shane Falco suited up for my team this year. I am even more psyched that his worthless ass is back on the bench where it belongs.

-I am driving the Tim Tebow bandwagon and may or may not have actually bet on the broncos to win the super bowl at 25-1.  It seemed like pretty good odds.  Normally God is favored.

-I do not like and will never again mention women’s sports.  Watching, discussing, or in general acknowledging women’s sports is my nightmare.

-I am really awesome at Fifa.

-I don’t really have an NBA team so I get to root for the teams that are fun to watch and have my favorite players.  This season that team is obvi Lob City aka The Blake Show.  That would be the Los Angeles Clippers for those of you who do not speak douche.

-I hate the Miami Heat and think that Lebron is a whiny bitch for joining up with Wade.

-Dirk Nowitzki’s twitter description is one of my favorite things ever.  “Tall Baller from the G!”

-I am currently in the playoffs in 1 out of 4 fantasy football leagues.  This isn’t relevant at all but it proves I am a winner.  25% of the time.

-If Jason Segel is in a movie then I have seen it.  At least twice.  This also goes for tv shows.

-I think the Honey Badger takes what it wants.

-Sources say I got drunk alone last night and watched Friends with Benefits because I am in love with Mila Kunis.  Sadly these sources appear to me more accurate than the ones covering Dwight Howard.


If you like and agree with the stuff above then keep reading the blog.  If not then this is goodbye.  Its not me, its you.








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